Are You Losing Customers
While Your WordPress
Website Loads?

It's simple. We can decrease the load time of your WordPress site. Our promise to you: if we cannot get your site to load in 4 seconds or less,100% Money Back Guaranteed!

Slow WordPress

Why is it Important?

Speed matters and if your site is not loading quick enough, you are losing revenue, daily. How fast your WordPress site loads directly impacts every area of your website. Don't wait any longer.

Speed Up My WordPress Site

WordPress is a powerful platform, but it suffers from slow load times, which can be deadly in an era when consumers expect instant results.

Here’s the bottom line: Ignoring a slow-loading WordPress site will cost you customers, sales, and rankings. Don’t believe us? The numbers speak for themselves

40% of Users Abandon a Website That Takes More Than 4 Seconds to Load.

In fact, a 1-second delay in page response time can result in a 7% reduction in conversions.

Think of it this way: if your e-commerce site is making $100,000 per day, a 1-second page delay could potentially cost you $2.5 million in lost revenue every year.

The Process

How It Works

Purchase Our Service

The first step is simple. Simply purchase our WordPress Speed Optimization service and we will get yo work speeding up your website.

We Diagnose

Once we have the access we need to familiarize ourselves with the technical setup of your site, we start to diagnose the cause of your issues.

We Optimize Your Speed

Once we have a clear diagnosis, we will create and implement a plan to address and optimize all of your speed issues, and we keep you posted on our progress every step of the way.


What Our Clients Think

"Their examples shine on their own but what their portfolio doesn’t show is the investment from Taggart Media Group. They invest the time into understanding your business, objectives and challenges.  I felt that they were an extension of my team.  If it was important to me, it was important to them and their high level of accountability and attention to detail was evident from start to finish."

Karen Abram

"Taggart Media Group has been a blessing to our company and products! Jon and his team were cost-conscious, efficient with their timeline, professional and most importantly hugely skilled at the creativity that a successful company's website deserves."

Dr. Raymond Hall

Have Questions?

Frequently Asked Questions


How long does it take to get my site sped up?

We like to move fast! But with that said, it depends on a lot of factors of how your site is setup and what we need fix to get your site loading fast. As a general rule of thumb, it usually takes around 3-5 business days.


Will my site go down?

No. We make changes incrementally and test every change we make in off-peak hours to make sure the site does not break. We also take backups to easily roll back changes immediately if needed.


What is your guarantee?

Our promise to you: if we cannot get your site to load in 4 seconds or less, 100% Money Back Guaranteed!


Speed Up Your WordPress Site

Speed Optimization

$ 599


Our promise to you: if we cannot get your site to load in 4 seconds or less, 100% Money Back Guaranteed!

What happens next? After your purchase is complete, you will receive an email to set up your account. A member of our team will get in contact with you within 24 hours, and as soon as we receive access to your site, we’ll get to work.