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June 2023


Website Redesign & Development

Wow Wow Hawaiian Lemonade

Before the Redesign:
The initial website had a range of issues that were impacting business and team productivity:

  1. Outdated: The overall design of the website was outdated, which reduced its appeal to modern users.
  2. Hard to Edit: The website’s backend was difficult to navigate, making it challenging for non-technical team members to make edits.
  3. Not Converting: The website was not generating sufficient leads or conversions, resulting in subpar business performance.

Customer Avatar Discovery Session:
Before we began the redesign, we conducted a Customer Avatar Discovery session to better understand the needs and preferences of the company’s target customers. We identified key characteristics, buying behaviors, and lifestyle elements that would guide our redesign process.

The Redesign:
With a clear understanding of the target audience, we began the process of overhauling the website. Here are some key features of the new design:

User-Friendly Design: The new website boasts a fresh, modern look that aligns with the brand identity of Wow Wow Hawaiian Lemonade. It is easy to navigate and resonates with the target audience’s aesthetic preferences.

Simplified Backend: The updated website is built on a user-friendly WordPress platform that allows team members to easily make updates and changes. This not only saves time but also reduces the dependency on technical experts.

Conversion-Driven Layout: The website layout is designed to guide visitors toward making a purchase, whether it’s placing an online order or finding the nearest Wow Wow Hawaiian Lemonade store. Clear calls-to-action and enticing visuals prompt visitors to engage with the website and take the desired action.

SEO Optimized: The new website has been optimized for search engines, increasing visibility and attracting more potential customers.

The redesign led to the following results:

Increased User Engagement: The modern, easy-to-navigate design of the website led to a significant increase in user engagement. Website metrics such as time spent on the site, page views, and bounce rate have shown substantial improvement.

Improved Editability: With the new WordPress platform, internal team members were able to make edits and updates effortlessly. This resulted in saving time and increasing productivity.

In summary, the website redesign led to a more engaging user experience, greater productivity among team members, and increased business conversions, thereby offering a win-win situation for Wow Wow Hawaiian Lemonade.

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